MTV Name/NicknameAndrea
Fandom NamesAndrea, Andy, Andrea Hecuba, Hortence Andrea Hecuba,
Andrea Hecuba Dracon, Andrea Hecuba-Thorne
Stock/stereotypeGoth loner
ClassmatesDaria and Jane
Speaks?Yes, rarely
Frequency seenHigh ("Esteemsters" to Is It College Yet?)
Based on real person?No
Alter egos?Yes



Andrea is a moderately overweight teenager with black, ragged-cut hair. She wears elaborate eye makeup and dresses in a Goth style, with a gray T-shirt, black skirt with ragged hem, pointy-toe black boots, a net glove on her right hand, a bracelet on her left hand, and two necklaces (one with a cross). Her ears and nose are pierced. In some images she appears to be wearing at least two dangling earrings per ear.



Andrea is without question the most important and best-loved "minor" character on Daria. Fandom interest in her has far outweighed the number of actual appearances and speaking parts she made on the show. She was obviously a favorite of the MTV staff as well, given the unusual number of alter egos drawn of her.

Andrea's name is pronounced "an DRAY ah" by all characters on the show, with the accent on the second syllable.


Fanfiction Appearances

It is difficult to list all of the fanfiction in which Andrea has appeared, as she has been so popular with the fandom base for so long. A list of significant fanfics featuring her will be offered at a later date.


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Image Gallery Notes

1. Andrea first appears in "Esteemsters" in Mr. DeMartino's history class, sitting across the aisle from Daria in the front row. She glances curiously at Daria as the latter answers DeMartino's questions, but says nothing. Andrea's hair falls over her face to either side, leaving the other side clear.

2. Another early image (with enlargement) of Andrea in Daria's history class with Mr. DeMartino ("The Daria Hunter"). Andrea seems to have forgotten to put on her black lipstick, but this drawing of her makes her look more feminine than usual. Notice the huge metal buckles on her boots.

3. Andrea works on a painting in Ms. Defoe's class while Brittany chats in the foreground (episode unknown).

4. Like every other student at Lawndale High, Andrea loves the pizza at Pizza King ("Daria Dance Party"). Oddly, only moments after this scene was shown, Andrea was shown walking past Brittany (shown with Jodie Landon in the alternate scene). How did Andrea get up so fast and get across the room, far from where she was originally sitting? She appears to be walking back to where she was sitting!

5. In "The New Kid," Andrea is seen sitting with Hot Shades in the school cafeteria. This is one of the very few times in the series she does not sit alone—anywhere.

6. Andrea sits alone at a table by the rear wall, at the student cafe in "Cafe Disaffecto" (see #7).

7. Moments later in "Cafe Disaffecto," Andrea is caught in a spotlight while drinking from what appears to be a beer bottle. She hides the bottle in an instant. A loner with a drinking problem? Ouch.

8. In a very Jane-like moment, Andrea draws an elaborate coffin in Mr. O'Neill's class in "The F Word."

9. In "The Misery Chick," Andrea is revealed to be the student sitting in the front row nearest the door, in front of Daria and next to Jodie. The name on the seating chart in "Cafe Disaffecto" for this spot is difficult to read, but it appears to be "Haley." Andrea is seen only rarely in this class and in this spot.

10. In Ms. Barch's science class in "The Lab Brat," Andrea sits in the back behind Mack and Daria, and across the aisle from Upchuck. No partner was visible for her.

11. Also from "The Lab Brat," a different perspective on the room (Ms. Barch's head in foreground). Andrea is still at the back of the room. It may be assumed that Andrea's grades benefited from Ms. Barch's misanthropy.

12. Closeup of Andrea's face as she reads her poem in "Cafe Disaffecto." This moment offers the best image of Andrea's face in the whole series.

13-15. A three-shot sequence showing Daria's collision with Andrea in a school hallway ("Through a Lens Darkly"). Daria is not wearing her glasses, but she has not put in her contact lenses, either. Jane Lane in on the far right side, walking with Daria until the collision.

16. In The Daria Database, Andrea (seen from behind) is shown in the school library, having discovered Kevin and Brittany making out in the stacks.

17. Another image from "Esteemsters": In the school assembly at the end of the episode, Andrea is among the crowd watching Jane and Daria give their self-esteem talks. She sits next to Blue Shirt and one seat away from The Head, who stands up to applaud Daria and Jane in a very nerdlike way. One can only wonder what she thought of that.

18. Andrea, again in the front row, sits in Mr. DeMartino's history class in "Pinch Sitter." The student across the aisle to the right (Andrea's left) is shown to be Shaggy at one point, then Angel a few moments later. Does Andrea know her fellow students are teleporting or shape-changing? Or is she responsible for it?

19. "The New Kid" shows that Andrea is on the yearbook staff, though in what capacity cannot be told.

20. Andrea and some of her classmates watch Brittany do splits and fall on her face in "See Jane Run."

21. Almost hidden in the crowd (upper right corner), Andrea sits in the very back of the gym audience during the LHS bridal expo in "I Don't." One imagines that attendance was mandatory, which is probably why she is here.

22. Kevin says something in Mr. DeMartino's class that causes Andrea to roll her eyes upward ("The Daria Hunter").

23. We see only a slice of Andrea in "The Lost Girls," but it is enough (right side of image) to know that she, like a handful of others, did not wear Lawndale High's school colors when Val came to visit.

24. Andrea sulks on a gym mat as Daria and Jane provide color commentary from the stands in the opening scenes of "See Jane Run."

25. Andrea touches up her modified eye of Horus (?) makeup in a girls' restroom in "Too Cute." Could Andrea be left-handed? She drew with her right hand in #8.

26. While fixing her makeup in #25, Andrea has been listening to Quinn, who wants Andrea to contribute money so Quinn can get cosmetic surgery. When Quinn says, "Sisterhood is powerful," Andrea retorts, "Aren't you a little worried that there may be a hell?"

27. As the teachers walk out of Ms. Li's office on strike, Andrea applauds ("Lucky Strike").

28. Sophomores Andrea and Daria accidentally meet by their lockers ("See Jane Run"). Daria, missing Jane, has been talking to herself.

29. Andrea becomes a surprise witness to Daria's shocking confession to Jane in "Dye! Dye! My Darling."

30. A photo allegedly from Lawndale High's yearbook in The Daria Database shows a girls' gym class (mixed grades) with Andrea (among many others) lying exhausted after a trying workout overseen by Ms. Morris.

31. When Mr. DeMartino goes down in the roller hockey game in "The Big House," Andrea jumps up and yells, "Yes!" (having bet money against his survival). In the alternate image, moments after she shouts in triumph in "The Big House" (#31), Andrea sees Mr. DeMartino get up again. "Damn," she says.

32. Andrea looks resigned to being labeled a "Fashion Disaster" by the Fashion Club (The Daria Database).

33. Cornered and defensive, Andrea dares Daria and Jane to make fun of her in "Mart of Darkness." Andrea is embarrassed because her parents make her work as a clerk at a Payday store. Peace is quickly made with Daria and Jane after the confrontation, and for a rare moment Andrea smiles (alternate image).

34. Andrea and V-neck walk together through the LHS arcade as Daria and Jane pass by ("Partner's Complaint").

35. At Jodie's post-graduation party near the end of Is It College Yet?, Andrea listens to Upchuck's proposition (see alternate image)... and accepts! A curious decision in light of her earlier rejection of him in "Fair Enough," but Upchuck is happy enough.

36. Andrea can be seen in the background in this graduation picture from Is It College Yet?

37 The last we see of Andrea, officially, is this startling "future ego" of her as a swimsuit model, during the final credits of Is It College Yet?

38. In the computer game Daria's Inferno, Andrea appears in Daria's dream with a pencil in her nose, at Axl's tattoo parlor (from "Pierce Me"). Daria needs to get the pencil to complete her dream quest. Eww.

39. In an interesting alter ego from Is It Fall Yet? (see full image), Andrea is one of four girls (Daria, Jane, and Jodie) replacing the members of Mystik Spiral. Andrea is the drummer.

40. During the time-traveling intro to Is It College Yet? Andrea burns her bra near the Washington Monument. Interestingly, bra-burning never took place (see here and here). The logo on her tee was commonly seen during the early 1970s in Women's Liberation. It might also be pointed out that this is the only known image of any female's nipples in the show.

41. "Andrea666" drew this image of herself as the "good and righteous" (if tricky) Queen Hecuba in her color comic, "Gothic Nights," depicted in The Daria Diaries. Interestingly, most of the teachers and students at Lawndale High are portrayed in a negative light (even Mack), except for Janet Barch, who appears as a friendly witch. Queen Hecuba has a brother, Damien, leading to fan speculation that Andrea has a brother Damien, too.

42. Alter ego from "Daria: Alter Egos" flipbook (accessed 01/06/09), on MTV's Daria website: Andrea gets the latest buzz. Andrea here is a "bee girl." It is not clear whether this is a reference to the Pearl Jam song, the Blind Melon music video on MTV, the 1973 sci-fi movie, or the Outer Limits episode. The picture is notable as her actual body shape seems to be visible.

43. Alter ego from "Daria: Alter Egos" flipbook (accessed 01/06/09), on MTV's Daria website: Life's a beach for Andrea. Is this picture related to the alter ego of a thinner, bikini-clad Andrea at the end of Is It College Yet? She looks angry.

44. Alter ego from "Daria: Alter Egos" flipbook (accessed 01/06/09), on MTV's Daria website: Andrea puts her circus skills to good use. Apparently part of a series of circus-themed alter egos. The image implies a fantastic sense of balance, but is probably just that: fantasy.

45. Alter ego from "Daria: Alter Egos" flipbook (accessed 01/06/09), on MTV's Daria website: Andrea gets immortalized as Abe Lincoln. This is the statue from the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. Interestingly, she also appears in Washington, D.C. at the start of Is It College Yet?


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